Dealing with REO and Lender Owned Property

Office Building for Sale In a world where finance and real estate come together, there are few that have the experience and expertise to really deal with them in an effective manner. Coast to Coast Realty is one of those few.

The team at Coast to Coast Realty has active experience as Real Estate Brokers, Certified General Contractors and Licensed Mortgage Brokers a real Trifecta for Lenders and Buyers alike.

We are experts in distressed property. Far above the average real estate agent that can only list a property, place it in the MLS, stick a sign in the ground, and hope for action.

In most cases the only action the lender or property owner has is to continually lower the asking price of the property.

Our experienced team can handle any minor repairs, clean up and clean out the property. Paint and Touch up, Carpet and Tile cleaning, Minor Plumbing and Electrical, Tree and Yard maintenance, Pressure Washing and Roof maintenance and so much more.

Introducing Fix It and Flip It

House Before and After Renovation
Before and After Renovation

The Coast to Coast Fix it and Flip program can help move distressed properties at a better price than a traditional Realtor® can.

Many distressed properties have some minor to major cosmetic issues that make them unappealing from the street level forward.

Our team will come in and handle repairs of up to $2,000 to help improve the property to make it marketable and WE will carry the cost of those repairs through to closing.

The Lender or Home Owner does not have any out of pocket expense to make their property marketable as we list it. Stop just dropping the price of an unsightly property when you can have the Coast to Coast Team clean and improve it with your Exclusive Listing Agreement.

For Drive Up Appeal

  • Unkempt landscaping. Overgrown shrubs and bushes
  • Bad mailbox
  • Mold and Dirt on the front
  • Moldy roof
  • Ugly front door
  • Stained driveway and walkway
  • Unattractive appearance

Improving Street Appeal

Before and After Renovation Street level appearance is important in enticing a potential buyer to get out of the car to even look at the property.


Our “Fixes”

  • Clean landscaping. Add mulch and rock.
  • Paint trim and front door.
  • Pressure clean roof and walls.

First Impressions

Anyone entering a home or building that has been closed is impacted by the smells and initial appearances. Our team will:

  • Clean or remove all carpet
  • Wash the walls
  • Remove soiled window covering
  • Clean bathrooms, kitchen, other walls and areas.
  • Deodorize the building
  • Spray for insects
  • Polish cabinets

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