Military Relocation and Moving


Our team has the greatest respect for our Military Personnel both active and Retired. We are members of the Military Relocation Services family and are proud to assist them with their housing needs.

There is a lot that we can do to assist soldiers when they are looking for a new home.

If it is a redeployment to the Tampa Bay area, a family move to be closer to those who serve, a retirement from service and the desire to find a new home we can help.

Our Team is like your Squad, we will all work together to create the best solution to your needs and desires.

Personal Assistance

We can search your preferred areas for the best candidates, and meet you at the property. We can also help with your inspection, and help you find a Lender, Moving Company, Insurance Agency and even Schools.

We are here to “Serve You as You Have Served our Country.”

Our Veterans have a number of assistance programs available to allow them to purchase home at very favorable terms. We are familiar with the VA loan process.

Here at Coast to Coast we are able to assist in educating a Seller on their specific responsibilities concerning a sale of their property to a Vet.

A similar understanding of issues need to be covered by those seeking to lease a home. With deployments and transfers an issues we can help landlords understand that they may need to be flexible on their lease terms, in case of an unexpected transfer or deployment.

So if you are in need of finding that new home in the Bay Area, we are here for you at Coast to Coast Real Estate along with our partners in the remolding and construction industry for those upgrades and changes you want, as well as our Lender affiliates who can arrange for the best possible loan for you.

Please contact us now for additional information.