Fix It and Flip It Program

House Before and After Renovation
Before and After Renovation


The Coast to Coast Fix It to Flip It program works with you on your outdated property to bring it up to a more attractive and modern appearance.

We all know that a property with issues, whether cosmetic or structural, will not sell as easily as one that is “Move In” ready. Our “Fix It and Flip It” we will advance up to $1,000 to help make your property more saleable.

For those investors who are looking to buy and flip a property, we can assist using the services of our licensed General Contracting firm and aid in selling those distressed properties at a better price than any traditional Realtor®.

Many properties have some minor cosmetic issues that make them unappealing from the street level forward.

Exterior Issues

Sometimes it is the simplest thing like:

  • Front Entrance enhancement
  • Landscaping
  • Dirty Roof
  • Dirty Driveways
  • A mailbox for the exterior

Interior Issues

Interior issues may include:

  • Carpet Cleaning
  • Painting
  • Re-grouting of Tile
  • adding a back splash in the kitchen
  • areas of normal wear

Does Your Property Qualify?

Our program is designed to assist us in selling your property.

Our experienced team will perform a complete market analysis to find what comparable properties are selling for (very different than what they are listed for). We can then see what improvements were made to allow the higher priced properties to sell.

We will develop a plan of improvements that we can agree on that will help raise the price and interest in your property. We will then obtain a cost for that improvement from Celtic Renovation Services, one of our partners.

If you are then ready to proceed, we will enter an Exclusive Sales contract with you and have Celtic signed for the repairs and services. Coast to Coast Real Estate will then advance the costs for the repairs to Celtic. Those costs will be deducted from the sales proceeds once the property sells.

After renovations, Coast to Coast Real estate will begin an aggressive marketing campaign to sell your property. We will use the Multiple Listing Service (MLS), Zillow, Trulia and others to expose your property to as many potential buyers as possible.

If your property can benefit by being improved…You Qualify

If your listing price can rise by improvement…You Qualify

Fix It and Flip It Services

  • Complete Renovation and Restoration Services by Licensed construction professionals
  • Design and decorating services by our experienced staff
  • Repair and Secure the property
  • Maintaining the Property for the Absentee owner
  • Clean Up and Clean Out Services

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